Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream provides automated captions through Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Machine Transcription.  This provides:

  • Immediate access to machine-based captions (70-85% accuracy) and a “Do It Yourself” Captions Editor for increased fidelity
  • Machine-based Learning with improved accuracy over time and ability to customize glossary

Keep in mind that if you use auto-generated captions, you will need to revise them for accuracy.


To add captions to your Microsoft Stream video, use the following steps:

  1. Upload your video to Microsoft Stream by clicking the Create dropdown, or navigate to existing content under My Content.
  2. Select the Edit icon next to the video which you would like to caption.
    1. edit video button in Microsoft Stream
  3. In the Options panel, check the box next to Autogenerate captions.
    1. Autogenerate captions checkbox in Microsoft Stream
    2. If you already have a caption file for your video, leave the Autogenerate captions box unchecked and instead select Upload a subtitle file.
      1. upload a subtitle file in Microsoft Stream
    3. Select a language for your subtitle file and upload the file.
      1. upload a subtitle file in Microsoft Stream--choose language
  4. When you return to view your video (under My Content), you will see a pane that says your audio transcript is not ready yet; transcripts typically take a few minutes to appear.
    1. audio transcripts aren't quite ready yet message in Microsoft Stream
  5. Once your transcript is ready, you will be able to edit the captions in the pane by selecting the Edit icon next to the Search transcript bar.
    1. edit transcript icon next to Search transcript bar in Microsoft Stream
    2. Edit your captions for accuracy.
      1. editing transcript in Microsoft Stream

Last modified June 15, 2021