Intro to Creating Accessible Digital Content

Why should we design accessible content?

Accessible content allows the widest range of users possible to engage with information. Without keeping accessibility in mind, we may inadvertently create a graphic that an individual who is blind cannot view. We might design a website through which someone who can only use a keyboard for navigation cannot move. By intentionally and thoughtfully considering accessibility in the initial phases of content design, we can develop content that is available to everyone.

Accessibility is our communal responsibility. This responsibility is upheld by UConn's policies and by state and federal laws. Because our digital content reaches far beyond our campuses, it is vital for us to understand and implement accessibility principles in every aspect of digital communication.

With so many avenues for digital content and communication it can be difficult to know how to make each accessible. To the left of the page, we have provided guidance on creating accessible content for different categories of digital information.